Top 7 Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2021

This article is about top ways to earn money online in Pakistan. it covers all areas of earning from blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing and many more methods that are available these days.

Make Money Online in Pakistan
Make Money Online in Pakistan

How to earn money online in Pakistan is a big question these days almost everyone is working on the internet to earn more money. There are a thousands of ways to make money online in Pakistan but the top 7 ways which I’m going to share with you today will not take much of your time and can be started right away. You don’t have to go through any training or buying any product you just need an internet connection that’s it! With these ways you can Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment.

What I love about these ways to make money online is that you can do it part-time and start your own business. Some of the ways will also help you get a full-time income if you work hard.

Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan:

Here are the 7 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan:

1) Freelancing

My first recommendation is to start freelancing. In these days, you can do almost anything online from programming, coding, writing, or designing just sit in front of your computer and start working! All you need is a laptop with a good internet connection and maybe a webcam to connect with your clients.


But I’ll recommend you to master a skill and then do freelancing. Their are many peoples who don’t learn proper in demand skills and start freelancing without any skills. These peoples mostly fails. Because they don’t have any skill. So First Master the Skill and then jump into Freelancing. Believe me You can easily earn thousand of dollars with Freelancing. There are many places where you can find jobs to work on such as Upwork,, and Fiverr.

On average you can earn around $5 to $30 per hour. Of course, this is not much but it’s better than nothing and you can do a lot of work in a single hour. You don’t need any experience to start freelancing if you have an internet connection and a computer then there is no limit to how much you can earn online.

2) Blogging

The second way to make money online is by blogging. Now I’m not talking about some fancy magazine blog where you have to write 10,000-word articles on a daily basis. No! I mean starting your own site and writing as much as you want. Blogging can be done from the comfort of your home and you get to do it in your own free time. It will take some time to get your blog well known and popular but once you do, it can be a means of income. If you want to know how to start a blog for free in Pakistan then get in touch with us because in next weeks we are going to share with you the step by step guide to blogging. We will also share with you some success stories of Pakistani Bloggers who started from Zero to $38k/month. So stay with us.


You can earn money from blogging by using different methods like AdSense, affiliate programs, display ads, etc. You can also take up sponsored posts if your blog is quite popular and you get lots of traffic.

On average you can earn from $1,00 to $25,000 per month if you are doing it on a larger scale. Blogging takes time but once you get going it is one of the best ways to generate passive income.

3) Starting Youtube Channel

This is the easiest way to start making money online in Pakistan. If you are a passionate video blogger and have some knowledge about that specific niche then it would be great! You can earn from views, advertisements, donations.

Start YouTube Channel
Start YouTube Channel

Youtube is now the 1 st largest search engine in Pakistan. This will be an ideal way for students, housewives, and anyone who wants to earn money online in Pakistan at home. You can start with something small from your mobile or laptop and then you can upgrade it with a better quality camera and other better software.

On Average, you can earn $0.01 – $0.50 per 1000 views, Which means you can earn up to $250-500 per day!

4) Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to start earning money online is affiliate marketing. You can promote other people’s products and services on your website or blog and earn commissions when someone buys through you. This is one of the easiest methods to Make Money Online in Pakistan without any hassle.


As a beginner, I would not recommend you to start promoting products directly from your website. It is better to start small and build traffic first before promoting other people’s stuff. Start by commenting on other blogs, writing on forums, and sharing something valuable on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. The more links you have pointing back to your site the greater your chances are to get traffic. This is a very powerful method because it can earn you money with literally no effort at all!

On average you can earn 1000$ in a month easily with Affiliate Marketing. This is passive income and it requires little to no maintenance on your part.

Here are some of the top affiliate programs which are paying good money for promoting their products:

1) Clickbank – They have more than 50,000 products in different niches to promote and you can earn up to 75% commission from each sale. You can promote various products from one single Clickbank account.

2) CJ – One of the largest and most trusted affiliate marketers worldwide which pay $200 per sale for promoting their products. Now they have a program called “Feedbacks” where you can earn 10$ commission for every product review you write on their website. The payout minimum is only $100!

3) Amazon – One of the best affiliate programs online which pays anywhere from 5% to 10% commission and has great products.

4) Shareasale – This is one of the most popular and trusted networks online which provides you with a wide range of products that you can promote on your site or blog. They pay $25 per sale.

5) Data Entry

This is the easiest and one of the oldest methods to make money online without investment. You just need a laptop or pc with an internet connection and you can start working from anywhere in Pakistan. There are many companies online that will pay you to enter data for them. This is a simple typing job where you can get paid good money per hour and it requires no experience.

Data Entry
Data Entry

You need to apply for jobs from different companies that offer data entry work, You don’t have to have any experience or knowledge of the subject, all they care about is that you should be capable of typing and doing simple online research.

You can earn from 300$ to 1000$ per month easily with Data Entry Jobs. It’s completely possible if you spend an extra 2-3 hours per day working for these companies.

6) Flipping

This is another method to make money that requires little effort but it can be very risky. Flipping means buying and selling products at a good profit margin when the price changes. Let’s say you have bought a product for 100$ and are able to sell this same item for 200$. This is called flipping and if your profit margin is higher than average, you are said to have made a good flip.


In simple words, flipping business works like real estate business. So in this business model you’ll buy the product in cheap price and will sell it when the prices goes up.

There is nothing wrong with this method but the problem arises when you buy and sell at a high risk of losing your money. In order to be successful in flipping, it requires experience and understanding of market trends.

7) Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is the easiest and one of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan. You can work from home and earn up to 4000 dollars per month easily. Since time is precious there are many people who choose this job.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant involves performing administrative tasks for companies and individuals. These range from simple things like scheduling appointments, answering telephones, emails, handling social media accounts to data entry and more complex tasks such as preparing presentations or reports. A Virtual Assistant is hired by clients on an hourly basis but what they actually pay you will depend on your skills and experience level.


How to earn money online in Pakistan?

There are many ways to earn money online in Pakistan. Here are some of them:
1) Blogging

2) Freelancing

3) Affiliate Marketing

4) Starting YouTube Channel

5) Flipping

6) Data Entry

7) Virtual Assistent

How to earn money online in Pakistan free at home?

All the 7 ways, I discussed in this post are free and you can start then at home. You can start earning with these methods with little or zero investment.

How to make money online in Pakistan by clicking?

As per my view, their is no legitimate way which pays you by clicking. Guys don’t waste your time in earning money on clicking ads, solving captcha, taking survey etc. These methods will not pay you too much. But instead build a skill and then market yourself in Freelancing marketplaces. You can learn almost all the skills for free on YouTube.

How to make money online in Pakistan without investment for students?

Dear Students, Focus on your studies only. But still if you wants to earn money online to support your studies then I am here to assist you. My first recommendation for students is to learn a skill and then do freelancing in your spare times to support your studies. Dear students you can also start a blogging website where you can share useful information about your interesting topic. But Blogging take time to generate money but it’s passive means you can earn with while sleeping.

Wrap Up:

The key to earning money online and not dying while doing it is to play the game smarter, not harder. The top 7 ways I’ve outlined here are easy, legitimate methods that offer a safe way for you to start making money right away with minimal effort. The internet is a big place and if you know how to use it effectively, you can change your whole life in one day.

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I hope you found this post informational and helpful. You can let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help.

Best Ways to earn money in Pakistan
Best Ways to Earn Money in Pakistan

Enjoy making money online!

Written by Mani Raja

My name is Mani Raja and I am a blogger. Blogging has become my passion over the years, which led me to start my own blog. I love sharing articles about making money online and blogging tips with others who are interested to make money online.

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